Benefits of Peach

Peaches were first cultivated in China and are considered to be a symbol of immortality and friendship there. They are also known as ‘Ardu’ or ‘Aadoo’ in Hindi. Peaches are generally round to oval in shape and its outer surface is fuzzy and features longitudinal depressions extending from the stem to the tip. Here, we are going to discuss the various benefits of this fruits.

Peaches are found in two varieties i.e. free stone variety where the seed is free in the center of the fruit and clinging seed variety where the seed is firmly attached to the pulp. The benefits of peach include relief from obesity, cholesterol, hypokalemia as well as neurodegenerative diseases. They also helps in maintaining healthy skin, healthy eyes, healthy bones and possesses anti-aging properties as well as improves digestion and cellular health.

  • Anti-oxidant: The peels and pulps of peach possess significant antioxidant properties. Chlorogenic acid present in peaches also contributes to their protective effects. Peaches also contain several antioxidants such as zeaxanthin, lutein and beta-crytoxanthin which help to scavenge the oxygen-derived free radicals and protect the body against the harmful effect of various diseases.
  • Cardiovascular health: Peaches are rich in iron and vitamin K. vitamin K helps in preventing blood clotting thus provides protection against several heart diseases. Iron is helpful in the formation of red blood cells. Peaches also contain potassium, an electrolyte that helps in regulating blood pressure and maintaining fluid balance, thereby controlling your heart rate and protecting against stroke.
  • Eye health: Peaches contain a good amount of beta-carotene along with vitamin A & C. Thus, consuming peaches regularly can help in improving the vision by increasing blood circulation throughout the body. Beta-carotene also helps in nourishing and protecting the retinas in your eyes from free radicals, as well as in preventing cataracts and age-related macular degeneration.
  • Hypokalemia: A lack of potassium in the body can lead to hypokalemia which can affect muscular strength and even cause an irregular heartbeat. Potassium present in peaches is necessary for proper nerve signaling and cellular functioning of the body. It also helps in metabolic processes, utilizing carbohydrates, maintaining electrolyte balance and the regulation of muscular tissues.
  • Anti-cancer: Antioxidants present in peaches and specifically chlorogenic acid possesses anti-cancer properties. They are also a good source of vitamin A, which provides protection against lung and oral cavity cancers. Peaches also contain phenolic and carotenoid compounds which possess anti-tumor and anti-cancer properties.
  • Skin health: Vitamin A & C are highly essential for skin health. Vitamin A provides moisture to skin and improves the skin’s texture making it soft and supple. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that protects the skin from free radicals. Rubbing peaches directly on the skin also help to get rid of dark circles and wrinkles. Flavonoids in peaches have photo protective effects which help in preventing the skin from UV-induces erythema.
  • Helpful in pregnancy: Due to the presence of a wide range of essential vitamins and minerals, peaches are valuable during pregnancy. Vitamin C in peaches helps in the health growth of teeth, bones, muscles, skin, and blood vessels of the baby. It also absorbs the iron, which is extremely crucial during pregnancy. Potassium in peaches helps in averting the general fatigue & muscle cramps common during the pregnancy.
  • Detoxifies your system: Peaches help to remove the toxins from your system. Potassium and fiber in peaches helps in reducing the risk of stomach ulcers, inflammation and other kidney related diseases. In China, peach tea is used as a natural remedy for kidney cleansing and detoxification.
  • Maintains body weight: Peaches are fat-free and contain an average of only 68 calories. High amount of sugar in peaches is natural and thus does not have an adverse effect on health. Including peaches in the diet can help in making your body slim by burning extra fat deposits in the body.
  • Improved digestion: Peaches are good to maintain healthy digestive system due to the presence of fiber and alkaline and content. Dietary fiber present in it absorbs water and helps in preventing stomach disorders such as hemorrhoids, constipation, stomach ulcers, and gastritis and irregular bowel movements. Peaches also clean and eliminate the toxic waste from the intestines and prevent the body from contracting various abdominal disorders including stomach cancer.
  • Dental health: Peaches contain fluoride and small amounts of calcium. Minerals such as iron and fluoride prevent cavities and other dental issues. Thus, consumption of peaches helps in curing bone diseases and several dental problems.
  • Protection against anemia: As per many health experts, increasing your dietary intake of iron rich foods such as peaches can help those with iron-deficiency in their body. Iron helps in increasing the production of hemoglobin, thereby minimizing and preventing anemia.
  • Improves nervous system: Deficiency of magnesium can affect the functioning of the central nervous system, which can result in hyper excited muscles and the increased activity of nerve signals. Magnesium present in peaches help in preventing the stress and anxiety in the body and thus, keep the nervous system calm. In Ayurvedic therapy, the consumption of peaches is considered to be beneficial for balancing the nervous system.


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Peaches were first cultivated in China and are considered to be a symbol of immortality and friendship there. They are also known as ‘Ardu’ or ‘Aadoo’ in Hindi. Peaches are generally round to oval in shape and its outer surface is fuzzy and features longitudinal depressions extending from the stem […]

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