10 Veg Foods That Are Actually Non-Veg

10 Veg Foods That Are Actually Non-Veg

You can never expect anything pure in this world of contamination and adulteration. Similar is the case in the field of food items. You often think of some food item to be veg instead it may be non-veg. Many times you may order food in a restaurant considering it to be pure veg, however there is no guarantee proving the same. Here we are going to provide the information regarding the 10 items, which are most commonly used and are considered to be veg, but in reality they are not veg.

  1. White Sugar:

White Sugar is a basic ingredient found in almost each and every household. But are you aware of the cleansing process that is used by the manufacturers. You must know that sugar is not naturally white in colour. Natural carbon is used for bleaching the white sugar which refers to the charred animal bones. Brown sugar as well as confectionary sugar is treated with the same manner. However, many companies prefer granular carbon as it doesn’t contain animal products. You may want to stick to unrefined sugar or brown jaggery, if you prefer pure veg.


  1. Naan:

Many people consider naan as pure veg which it is not the truth. Few no of restaurants and authentic naan recipes use eggs while kneading the naan dough to make it soft and to increase elasticity. But this is not necessary that this technique is used everywhere. You can ask the chef or you can prefer to eat chapattis instead if you are pure vegetarian.


  1. Salad Dressings:

Vegetables are pure veg but however, the sauces or the dressings that make your salad tasty are not 100% vegetarian. Instead those spicy dressings may contain egg. So next time, if you order salad dressing, just check the ingredients list twice.


  1. Beer:

May be you are not aware of the fact that many manufacturers use the fish swim bladders or Isinglass or gelatin (from animal bones and ligaments) for clarifying the beer and wine. Thus, the colour you were raving about is due to the Isinglass. Many famous brands of beer and wine manufacturers use Isinglass to give their beer and wine a good colour.

  1. Cheese:

A few types of cheeses contain enzyme known as rennet or chymosin which is derived from animal gut i.e. gastrointestinal tract of animals. However, packets containing cheese do not list the actual enzyme used instead they use only a generic ‘enzyme’. Parmesan cheese is generally made using the inner linings of the cow’s stomach.

  1. Jelly:

You must know that many varieties of jelly sweets or jelly desserts contain the ingredient called gelatin, which is an animal derivative. However, many companies have started replacing this ingredient with starch or other similar food products for vegetarian customers.

  1. Cake mix:

As most of the people are aware that all the cakes available outside are not pure veg, they prefer baking bakes to home. Many cake mixes contain lard or pork fat. If are pure vegetarian, it is better to check the ingredients before buying any such cake mix.

  1. Soup:

Some of the man chow soup contains fish sauce i.e. tom yum sauce. However, some restaurants will serve you pure veg too. But remember to check the ingredients before buying any such soup.

  1. Potato chips:

People eating potato chips while fasting are probably not aware that some of such chips especially barbeque flavor contain chicken fat. These chips are fried in animal fat or may use meaty flavours. However, it is not necessary that all such chips contain non-veg ingredients. Many manufacturers serve us crisp veg chips. It is recommended to double check the ingredients before buying any such chips, if you are vegetarian.


  1. Chewing gum:

Many people are aware of the fact that chewing gums contain gelatin but they may not know that such gelatin comes from the skin, tendons, ligaments and bones of pigs and cows.

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