Olives belong to a group of fruit called drupes or stone fruits. They are high in vitamin E and other powerful antioxidants. Olives are also enjoyed in salads, tapenade and sandwiches. They have been associated with many health benefits, especially for heart health and cancer prevention. Here we will discuss […]

Nectarines are similar to plums or peaches. They are orange or orange-red in color. They have various health benefits such as improved cardiovascular health, improved digestive health, better cellular functioning, combating conditions like obesity related complication, prevention of cancer. Here, we have listed out the various benefits of nectarines. Antioxidants […]

Mango is cheap and easily available to almost entire India. It is also considered as king of fruits because of its easy availability and delicious taste. Mango is also the national fruit of India with over 100 different varieties. They have been part of the human diet for almost 4000 […]

Lychee or litchi has a round or oval shape with a pinkish-brown rind, translucent to white flesh, and an inedible seed. They are rich in nutrients and have several health benefits which we will discuss here. Lychee has various brain & health benefits such as weight loss, skin health, boosting […]

Loganberries are one of the best fruits you can have. Just like blackberries, they also have a various health benefits. They were born from the cross between blackberries and raspberries. Loganberries are in dark red color or deep purple in color and juicer having a sharper flavor. Let us discuss […]

Limes are genetically similar to lemons. They are commonly known as ‘Kaccha nimbu’ in Hindi, ‘Elumichai Pazham’ in Tamil, ‘Nimma Pandu’ in Telugu, ‘Nimbe’ in Kannada, ‘Cherunaranga’ in Malayalam, ‘Limbu’ in Gujarati and ‘Lebu’ in Bengali. Limes are delicious and are packed with various health boosting nutrients. Here we have […]

Lemons are delicious. Benefits of lemon include improved digestion, constipation, treatment of throat infection, dental problems, fever, internal bleeding, obesity, cholera, maintaining blood pressure, skin and hair health, respiratory disorders, etc. Let us discuss the various such benefits of lemons. Improved digestion: Lemon juice helps in curing digestion related problems. […]

Lemon juice is linked to many benefits, including improved digestion & skin. Many people start their day with lemon water instead of coffee or tea. Here, we shall discuss the various benefits of lemon water. Anti-oxidants: Lemon water contains flavonoids which possesses antioxidant properties that help to protect the cells […]

Kiwi is not an ordinary fruit. It is too loaded with essential vitamins and minerals and works in many ways to give you a nutritional boost. Kiwi is a small fruit is full of nutrients and antioxidants as well as fiber. Here, we have the discussed the various benefits of […]

Honeydew melon is usually round in shape with a pale green flesh and is loaded with a lot of nutrients and minerals. It is rich in potassium, vitamin B, calcium, zinc, iron, manganese, copper, phosphorus, etc. We have listed out the various benefits of this fruit. Weight-loss: Honeydew melon is […]